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Why do you need a great resume cover letter?

So you found a great job posting that would be a huge step forward in your career, and you are qualified enough for the position. You think that a decent resume is enough to get you an interview? Not necessarily! You should never submit a job application without accompanying it with the perfect cover letter that would introduce you as the right candidate for the specific position.

The most important reason for submitting cover letters with each job application is because they set you apart from other candidates. If you were an employer, you wouldn’t be able to call all applicants for an interview. You would separate the most attractive applications on your desk and forward the lucky candidates to the next step of the hiring process. Why is the cover letter a determining factor for an interview invitation? Because it’s the first thing the potential employer will see.

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How to write a cover letter

Truth be told, cover letter writing is a tricky task. You may think that it would be easy to say why you are applying for your dream job, but you will probably get a blockage after writing few sentences. These cover letter tips will help you craft a great document that will distinguish you as the most suitable applicant:

  • Although cover letters are supposed to be professionally-written, they should also be infused with personality in order to awaken the interest of an employer. Think of the industry you want to get a job in and don’t limit your creativity. It is easy to write a lifeless, unimpressive letter similar to what your potential employers have seen before; the hard thing is to reveal your interests and unique personality through the text.
  • Resumes and CVs are there to inform about your professional achievements and educational backgrounds; you should avoid repeating such information in cover letters. This type of document enables you to tell a story, tell the employer how their company would benefit from hiring you, explain why you are opting for a career change, and tell something about your interests. Remember: cover letters should always be engaging and memorable.
  • If you are passionate about the job you are applying for, you should show that in the cover letter. Tell the employer what motivated you to submit the documents.
  • Avoid turning this letter into your autobiography; that’s not what a potential employer is interested in reading. You can briefly mention your background in the opening paragraph, but try to keep the content more creative.
  • If you cannot write the perfect cover letter for job, you can always order it at our website. When you leave the work into the hands of a talented writer who can take your guidance and turn it into an impressive document, you will increase your chances of getting an invitation for interview.
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Jul 16th 2014 3:37 pm